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Football Performance

Catering to both professional and semi-professional players, we go beyond conventional training methods that are designed to enhance agility, strength, power and endurance, ensuring athletes are finely tuned for the demands of the modern football game. We prioritize on what the individual NEEDS. At SWJ the primary goal is to reduce the likelyhood of specific injuries through targeted exercises that fortify key muscle groups and improve overall biomechanics. 


For those seeking personalized attention and a tailored approach, our 1-2-1 boxing sessions are designed to hone your skills, boost your fitness, and instill the discipline of a true pugilist. Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the fundamentals or an advanced boxer aiming for refinement, each session is crafted to meet your unique goals.


Discover the profound benefits of 2 types of Yoga: Yin and Yang as you learn how enhance flexibility, build core strength, cultivate inner peace and improve joint mobility. Aimed mainly for beginners, start your Yoga journey with a choice of either soft, slow and gentle Yin practice that will improve your flexibility or for those looking to improve their strength and release chronic muscle tension, Yang Yoga’s fast dynamic yet challenging nature may be where you would like to start.

Personal Training

Our Personal coaching sessions are designed to transform your fitness goals into reality, emphasizing elements of calisthenics, compound exercises, and mobility drills. With a passion for holistic strength development, we go beyond traditional workouts, tailoring each session to your unique needs.

Focusing on technique, strength, and overall well-being, our programs elevate your fitness level and enhance your mobility, ensuring you become a well-rounded, stronger individual.



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